By Allen Levin

2/3 of the actors I’ve met, many of whom I met only at their audition for various projects, won’t book because they simply haven’t embraced who they truly are. They don’t allow a full 3D version of themselves to be seen. Let’s take a look at who we all are. All is the correct word. If you aren’t willing to face that everything is inside you from dark to light, you’ll be one of the 2/3 who never had a chance to begin their careers as they pretend to be only one part of themselves.

So, as you read the following, be aware of any feelings or arguments that may come up inside you. If you simply agree with all of the following, you are in good shape. If you are excited about all of the following, you are in very good shape. Remember, all is true for not only all of us, but all of our characters. We humans are complex. We are everything. We fight parts of ourselves in an attempt to be more of one or another, but these are all true for all of us (like it or not). The following sentences that you say, “that’s not me” about, not only are you, you need to take on a role and play it honestly. Find it within you, and you can play it. Play an idea of someone else, removing it from your reality, and it won’t be honest. Let’s take a look at all sides of ourselves. Let’s embrace all of it. Every role is awesome. Every part needs someone to play the truth.

We are beautiful. Every one of us.
We are liars. We like to manipulate others. We don’t think of ourselves this way, but it’s true.
We are strong. We can lead
We are weak, ineffective, and incompetent.
We make the difficult decisions that are best for the greater good.
We make selfish choices and protect only our own.
We are loyal. We make sacrifices. We are well disciplined.
We are backstabbers. If given the chance not to get caught, we will take more than our share.
We are honest to a fault. We are judgmental of those who are not.
We love with everything we have. We are passionate.
We are hateful and cruel. We hunt for sport. We all killed Cecil the lion.
We are givers. We will give you the shirt off our backs and our share of dinner when we are starving.
We are unforgivable losers. We gamble. We blow it when things are going well.
We come through in the clutch. We can be relied upon.
We are killers. We like the idea of taking someone’s life. The power is intoxicating.
We are victims. We are innocent in every way. We didn’t deserve what happened. We move forward
anyway, with a positive outlook, no matter what they took from us.
We are perpetrators. We victimize. We will slip a drug in your drink when you aren’t looking.
We are heroes. We will stand up for each other and fight. We will die or be tortured, never giving up our brothers.
We are thieves. Look away and we’ll take that and run.
We are generous. We will contribute more than we can afford.
We are molesters. We are Harvey Weinstein whispering, “Don’t forget who got you here.”
We are intelligent. We are well educated. We aren’t one with which to be trifled. We are prepared.
We are uneducated and happy about it. We don’t need school. We don’t care what you think about it.
We are adventurous and bold. When the opportunities arise we run towards the adventure.
We play it safe. Let the other go to the fight. We’ll stay here and do the books.
We are ugly. We are filthy down to our core.
We are for real. We have put in the time. We don’t need to boast or brag.
We are gay. We are bisexual. We are heterosexual. We are asexual.
We are pretenders. We represent the thing we wish we were and take others in the process.
We believe in ourselves and will always bet on ourselves. It’s ok if you don’t believe. We already know who we are and know where we are going. We will risk it all to fulfill our dreams.
We cry at night. We know we are phonies. We curse our lack of progress.
We are winners. We beat out our tendencies and addictions. We are sober.
We are addicts. We can’t get off our drugs. When we can we drink, we snort, we shoot, we fly away.
We are emboldened by our journey and empowered. We rise and we march forward!
We are haunted by the past and afraid of the future.
We are Nuns, Priests, and Rabbis. We are what you need us to be.
We are sexual deviants. We want the unforgivable and will take it. We are perverts pretending to be religious.
We are sweet and welcoming. We love to host.
We have secrets. We are turned on by our shameful past.
We don’t care what others think.
We are entirely influenced by what others think.
We are proud.
We are real.
We are flawed.
We are exceptional.
We are tenacious.
We are lazy.
We have great integrity.
We are fucked up.
We are all Bill Cosby.
We are all Donald Trump.
We are all Tom Hanks.
We are all Mother Theresa.
We are all Natalie Portman.
We are all the puppy.
We are all the lion that ate the puppy.
We are all everyone.
We are everything.
We can’t.
We can.
We won’t.
We will.
We have.
We are.