By Allen Levin

I don’t want people to feel they need to involve their naked body in their work. They don’t. You don’t. You can avoid these parts. I don’t look at the human body as I once did. I once thought that private parts were naughty parts and they needed to be hidden away. I thought that it’s inappropriate for us to see someone’s penis, vagina, breasts, in public. I was given these thoughts by my parents and grandparents. I wasn’t thinking for me.

I now find the human body beautiful in all it’s forms. “All bodies are good bodies!” I believe this completely. We are so very lucky to have these bodies. I’m not ashamed of any part of mine. I love my body. If I believed my being nude in a movie would add to the comedy, I’d do it. If I believed it would add artistically, I’d do it (a movie like Eyes Wide Shut please!). If I believed the scene had merit, I’d do it. If it was for Spanktravision (late night wack off films) I’d skip it.

I’m not judging those that do those type of films. If you want to do that, fine, but know it could hurt your chances at a mainstream career. This type of “dirt” in your past will stop you from booking a major lead for Disney, a series lead for Nickelodeon, etc. So, skip these. Also, despite the fact that I “use” these types of films if I’m to be honest, I wouldn’t ever be in one. My artistic standard is higher than my private viewing standards.

Protect your careers above all things. Be sure the decisions you are making are good for your pride, your career, your confidence, your current journey, your future. If it’s a quality production, no matter what age you are, no matter what shape you are, I’m all for it. Celebrate your bodies. Please do not feel pressure to do these things. If you don’t want to do it, if you are unsure if you want to do it: DO NOT DO IT.

A safe space to explore nudity is a place where they don’t take pictures. Last night in class one of my actors, Tony, was stripped completely nude by Anastassia. It was delightful. It was funny! It was a bold choice. I have no problem with it whatsoever. They asked if they could do that in class and I said absolutely. Art is for exploration. If Tony is ok being stripped. Strip him. Let’s see what it adds to the scene. Now in that particular scene (the attempted sex scene with Paul Rudd in “Wanderlust”) if Tony is going to be naked, he should utilize the nudity to add to the comedy. If I were directing the piece I’d have him up and dancing for her. Trying to turn her on as he says the VERY wrong things. He didn’t do that, but he had only had the script for an hour. You guys are assigned to do this again and capitalize on the naked moments (and make them pay off by dressing him against his will at the end, over the lines).

I’m proud of all of our bodies. I hope you feel empowered as well. If you are uncertain, come to a “Nude Comedy LA” event. These are full money back satisfaction guaranteed. No cameras are allowed. Get into a wholesome group of people celebrating their own bodies. Explore your own nudity in a positive and risk-free environment. This is how I became empowered. This is how my views on nudity shifted from “I’d never do nudity” to “I’d be naked in a film! I just need to make sure it’s the right film.”

Before you make the choice to be naked in film, be naked in a safe acting class, or a nudist organization (a real one, ask me first – some of the local organizations are posers) that has the right message. Real nudists are awesome empowered and supportive people. Real nudism has nothing to do with sexuality. Sexuality isn’t wrong, but combining it with social nudism, in my view, is wrong. It’s not the true form of naturism.

If you are interested in a Nude Comedy LA event we do have a nude pool party on September 22nd. You must be 18 or older. No cameras allowed. Contact Cassie Shultz or myself for more details.