By Allen Levin

Having a clean and bright (natural sunlight) place is conducive to moving forward with your acting career. The act of cleaning can also be like therapy. Give it a try. Pick any room. Take an hour and clean it to the best of your ability. Clean out your car. Cleaning can reduce stress and anxiety. This will help you book acting work.

I just cleaned out my car and I feel great. My car is usually so messy and that’s unfortunate. I’m committing to keeping a cleaner car. You are welcome to hold me to this! I cleaned out my car and then I took it to get the oil changed. I took it to the dealership, expecting it to be around $40 (hey we get a car wash too, great deal right?) $944 dollars later it now passes every inspection, drives like a dream, and it’s completely clean. I feel cleaned (not just my wallet, by my life! These are the jokes, folks) and ready to take on the world.

I just cleaned out my pinball machine. It’s surprising how much dust can get in there. Once again, I feel accomplished and I keep looking at it. It’s beautiful! I can’t wait for the pool party this weekend so that people can enjoy it. Cleaning has gotten me excited about remaining clean and sharing clean and bright spaces with the people I love.

How many of you realized that cleaning and remaining clean would help you book acting work? Less stress and anxiety will be worn by you in the room. People will be attracted to your calm and to your confidence. Try this: before your next audition, clean for 30 minutes. See if you feel better in the room. See if you feel better when you get back home. Take pride in the cleaning. Clean very well. Pay attention to details (another excellent thing for an actor).

One thing I’ve noticed is that you can’t be great at cleaning if you are lazy. You also can’t be great at acting if you are lazy. You may get a job or two, but to be a true artist with a career that lasts, you’ll need to beat the lazy game in you and become someone not afraid of work. Cleaning feels like work, when you have something else you’d rather be doing. When you have downtime it can be part of your relaxation. Seeing the clean product emerge from under the dust or grime is beautiful. Squeamish? Use gloves. Clean the things that don’t make you sick. Perhaps toilet cleaning is meant for your roommate. I will say though, even cleaning a toilet can make you feel good.

Create an environment that is happy. A clean environment is a good step towards a warm happy environment, which is a great step towards being completely present when you are acting. Clean out your spaces. Clean out your car, and your bag. Clean out your sinks. Don’t leave dirty dishes over night. Get in the habit of cleaning them right after use. These clean habits are going to pay off.

Yes! This is an acting article encouraging you to go clean things. Have you seen another? This is worth talking about. Go clean. Get rid of things you no longer use. Donate them. Did you know you get up to a $500 write off in taxes each year for donating to Goodwill? Purge. Get rid of the things you don’t need. “Negative space” has value. Negative space is a clean empty area that used to be taken up by clutter. Create negative space. Create clean spaces that are welcoming to utilize.

If you are super busy, perhaps cleaning 15 minutes a day (like you do with reading and writing, hopefully) is a great way to chip away at the cleaning that needs to be done and you’ll still get the benefits. Find time to clean. You’ll be surprised how it also cleanses your spirt.

Aside: If you are going to clean in your acting work, really clean. Pay attention to detail on stage. Enjoy the benefits of true cleaning even when you are acting. So many actors fake clean when they are on stage. Don’t ever do things you don’t believe. If you are acting that you are cleaning really clean. I’m sure the theatre owner won’t mind!

Onward and UP.