By Allen Levin

I went to bed around 10:30. I was hoping to get up at 6. I got up at 2:15. I’ve tried to go back to sleep, but I simply can’t. Too excited. Too many things on my mind. I gave up trying to sleep around 4. It’s 5:10 am now. If I had to be on set in the morning, I’d force myself to remain in bed and at least hope my body was gaining some much needed energy. I however won’t be on camera, so why torture myself in bed? As it was I was just listening to my pup, Toby, snoring like a person. So, up I go.

I have two parties to host today. At 11 (6 hours away – seems like a long time) I’ll host a body positive nude pool party. “All bodies are good bodies!” We even have it on a cake. We are strictly non-sexual body acceptance. It’s empowering and beautiful. People of all shapes and sizes just loving life. No one wears any clothes.

As a FUNdraiser for the theatre, I’ve already met my goal. I can enjoy the fact that we earned profit which will help with the deep red on our lease. Every dollar helps. My expenses for the party were approximately $400. Making profit is a good thing. There have been times that I didn’t and even canceled the event (losing money doesn’t seem like a great idea when trying to pay off a lease that goes way up each year).

In terms of food, this is the most I’ve ever spent and the best I’ve ever brought. I think the reason I’m so excited is I love these days. I love bringing life into my house and people I care about. I adore Nude Comedy LA. After the NCLA party I have a Lifebook party that begins at 6 pm. This one will be much more relaxed, as the NCLA party I’m running a bunch of tournaments. An hour ago I brainstormed what the tournament schedule will be along with the menu. Here is what I came up with:

11 am Doors Open and we Disrobe

11 am Lunch and Swimming (and don’t forget to visit the Massage Chair)

11 am Ironman Pinball Tournament begins – each player gets two games. List the higher score on the high scores board.

Jenga, Ping Pong, Foosball will begin as soon as the first 2 people are ready to compete (all can take until 1 pm to get to the next round). Results will be posted on draw sheets.

11:45 – Poker Tournament (Texas Hold Em)

2:00 – HORSE in the pool (Basketball)

2:45 – Billiards Tournament (9 Ball)

Final rounds of Jenga, Ping Pong, Foosball, and Pinball.

3:45 pm – Champions announcements. Free tickets to “Halloweenie Ghost Stories In The Buff!” will be awarded.

Hangout and socialize until “4 pmish”

Menu (begins at 11, while supplies last)
1. Roasted Chicken and Swiss Rolls
2. Mac and Cheese (High End)
3. Cheese Pizzas
4. Cold Cut Sandwiches on Croissant
5. Hummus with chips
6. Salsa (Organic) with chips (organic tortilla)
7. Broccoli Casserole
8. Almond Butter Biscuits
9. Chocolate Raisins
10. Smoked Almonds (Blue Diamond, yum!!)
11. Recces Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pretzel Mix
12. Purple Grapes
13. Veggie Chips
14. Guacamole

and 15. “All Bodies Are Good Bodies” specialty white cake!

After this party is complete there will very likely be extras, so I’ve invited Lifebook students to enjoy the already heated pool and just hang out and enjoy the games and house. Nothing gives me more pride than seeing our actors creating memories. I truly want my house to feel like it’s theirs. I’ve had people tell me it’s their “home away from home.” That’s exactly what I want. I want everyone with a good attitude to feel completely welcome and at home here.

The reason I’m so excited is that I get to do these things. It wasn’t that long ago that I simply didn’t have a place that would have been conducive to this type of entertaining. I’m super grateful. I love the challenges of trying to give 50 people a great time. I know that by midnight tonight I’m going to be dead tired. I’ll sleep well tonight.

As for right now, sleeping is futile. I’ve already got the ice machine making ice. We don’t need ice for 6 hours. I’ve begun cleaning out rooms. I suppose if I get done early I might sneak away and try to get a nap in. I’ll definitely take Toby on his walk (I almost spelled it out because I don’t want him to hear me and FREAK out, but oh yeah, I’m typing).

Life is amazing. I love sharing it with you. Dreams are happening all around us. On days like today I’m reminded that I’ve surpassed anything I could want. Anything more is just a bonus. I put in a lot of hard work. I earned everything on my own. I never needed any financial help as I had jobs so I could pay my own way.

Damn it feels good.

Today I’ll celebrate life. I’ll celebrate my body (so happy no longer to be insecure about it) which is one of the greatest gifts I got back from running this nude company. I’ll empower others to do the same. Afterwards my creative family, Lifebook will come and kick back….

What a perfect day!

Onward and UP.

Aside – tickets are still available for the nude party at . You must be 18 or over. No cameras allowed. All bodies are good bodies! Come join in on the fun!

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