By Allen Levin

You can have hope. Hope, potential, excitement, vision, and action are all a part of this magical journey. Have hope. Don’t play hope. When you are in an interview, relax. Don’t communicate how badly you want the signing or the part. Play it that you expect an offer (but there isn’t any negativity associated with it) and are happy about that. Don’t say, “I’ll do anything for this part!” Rather say, “I love this role, it’s so well written.” Don’t say, “Thank you so much for your time (subtext: “I’m not worthy of your time or this role”).” Say, “This was great!”

We need hope. We don’t necessarily need to hide all of it, but we utilize NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and we allow people to reach for us, rather than withdrawal when we reach too aggressively. We understand, much like dating, if we make ourselves too available (appearing desperate) it’s unlikely we’ll be selected. If someone says, “Are you free to shoot November 3rd to the 7th?” I’d rather you said, “I’ll check my calendar and get back to you. Do you prefer a call or an email?” Rather than saying “Yes! I’m completely free!”

As we climb this mountain we need to keep our hope (even while keeping it largely to ourselves) alive. We should see our potential and see the growth in the work. We hope to take big leaps forward in our own possibilities. This is fantastic! I remember nights where I couldn’t sleep. Hope was keeping me awake. This is being alive!

This morning I “faded the gap” for the first time on the stock market. I made a total of $7.05 in just under an hour. Is that awesome??! Actually it is. I’m learning this technique called fading the gap. I’ve been studying it for the past month and today was the first time I tried it. I tried it with only 3 shares. I found a good gap. The stock “FAST” was opening at $52.65 which didn’t make sense to me as it closed yesteday at $55.65. I decided to buy it at the open and sell it at $55. I didn’t think the gap would close all the way but I did think (largely due to a good article that came out) that it would jump immediately. The stock got all the way to $55.01 before falling down, now trading below where it opened! What a rush! My hunch was right. I had already put in a sell order at $55.00. I was flushed with excitement because my hope is that I can continue to utilize this strategy and over time it will add to my income. The $7.05 isn’t anything other than hope. It’s practice. It’s proof that this is possible. Now I have hope!

Aside: “Fading the gap” means betting against a gap in the stock market. If a stock opens higher or lower than it closed the previous trading day, that creates a gap. Some people like to bet with the gap. I’m learning to bet against it. Any given commodity any given day is unpredictable. The hope is that we can learn from market reactions and predict some of it. In that regard it’s a little like acting. We are betting on people’s reactions. If an article from an influencer comes out saying the stock is a bargain, many times people buy it and it goes up. If there is a scandal within a company many times the stock goes down.

***From much of what I’ve read, stay away from this type of activity as it’s gambling. If you have some time to train, invest in it (it takes buying hotkeys, three screens, and other equipment), and take it seriously, feel free to join me. At the moment I’m studying which is also very necessary. Most of my time is spent not buying, but observing and simulating. It’s a business. Acting is a business as well. Notice some parallels?

It’s the hope that has so much magic in it. If you ever lose your hope, go back to the things that inspire you. You should create an inspiration list of books, songs, movies, and even photographs. Get inspired. Fire up your hope. Now, hold that hope dear to your heart. Let it motivate you. Don’t communicate much or any of it to people that may hire you.

Onward and UP.

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