Allen Levin

Our primary goal within acting is to create a life that is creatively satisfied and happy. That’s the focus. Yes it would be great to sign with that agent. Yes it would be wonderful to land that film contract. Neither of these things in the grander scheme of things can keep you from your actual purpose or goal. If you don’t get the agent, your position hasn’t changed. If you don’t get the film, your position, your goals remain the same. Rather than focus on what didn’t come through (which we now know is irrelevant to your goals) focus on the things you have. Gratitude is going to get you to the land of happiness. Also, it will help you attract additional happiness.

Do you live in the greatest city in the world for film and television? Yes! Los Angeles is by far the best. We live in the film and television mecca. Awesome! Nowhere are there more film and television projects. Sorry New York. You simply don’t measure up. You can keep the model industry! Theatre is yours (and I’m a little envious) and you can keep that too. Film and television is our dream. We need to be here. I’m so very grateful to be here. If you aren’t in LA, make arrangements. Get here. This is the land of opportunities for all that can back up their dreams by action.

How about health? Are you able to see? Yes? That’s amazing! If not, you can still be an actor. If so, focus on how wonderful that is! Sight! Later today I’ll go see a movie with my wife (love my AMC A List!) and we’ll see and hear (OMG! How cool is sound??!) beautifully shot scenes and enjoy a narrative by some of the world’s best. We get to do this on a THURSDAY? While most other people have to be at their day job? Unreal. So @#$@# cool! I can’t believe this “pinch-me” life! I love every minute of it!

What about the delicious food in front of us? How lucky are we when so many people all over the world (sadly, including right here) are going hungry? Taking a moment and remembering how fortunate you are before you eat is a great idea. All this gratitude will convince of you of the truth: you are happy! You don’t need anyone else to help you find the happiness that is already yours! It’s there! Once you live within this happiness so many others will want to take part…. you’ll book a part! You’ll get to be on the film sets and in the good offices. All this gratitude will affect your energy. People can’t get enough of a truly great energy.

Are you able to get around town? Yes! Even if you need to take a bus or Uber, you can get places in 30 minutes that used to take an entire day. Have you ever taken a flight? What a miracle that is! How lucky are we? Take a good look. I don’t care how bad your day feels, focus on what’s right. So the agent didn’t come through? That’s ok. Look at this AMAZING ocean! Some people never see the ocean in their entire lives. Some places do not allow people to cross the border. We can just go! It’s gorgeous. It’s therapy. Breathe in that ocean air. Feel the beautiful sun on your face. Enjoy the breeze.

How about find old friends? How easy is that with social media? What about make new friends? Can we do that? Absolutely! Meeting someone can happen with a mouse click or out on a hike at Runyan Canyon. Go to a Meetup and meet people that have the same interests as you do. There are so many ways to enjoy a new friendship where a couple decades ago it wasn’t this easy. Be grateful for all the many ways to not only meet people but learn from them. Read articles by the best in the world (and you don’t need to subscribe to a magazine or a newspaper (what a waste of paper!) and learn something new.

I’m not writing this from a position of an ivory-towerist. This blog is for me too! I’m writing this on a day where my stocks have crashed again in addition to twice last week and I feel amazing! I could focus on how I wish two weeks ago I hadn’t invested the bulk of my expendable income and had instead picked up a book on stocks and read page 1. Rather than that I just got back from a walk in the sun with my beautiful wife (I’m so very lucky indeed) and our 10 year old puppy, Toby. The day is off to a great start as I’m so grateful for all with which I’m blessed every day.

A reminder never hurts that happiness is a choice. Where would we like to focus? Let’s choose happiness. That’s my choice today and everyday no matter what is in the wind.

Onward and UP.


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