Allen Levin

My wife came home from work and handed me an actor’s business card. She said he was giving them out to everyone. No matter where you are and how many industry people are present, don’t be this guy. Only hand your card out to someone who asks you for it. Had this been an industry mixer it still would have been a bad move. My wife is a nurse. She was at work. Are you kidding me?

There are so many things wrong about this guy’s business card that I’d like to use it as a teachable moment for all of us. When my wife first took it (he looks like the actor from “The Room” on the card) she thought it was a discount card for a haircut! It’s absolutely just an actor’s card. I suppose he thinks somehow he’ll get cast by handing out tons of these to whomever has a hand in which to put it. It’s like he’s playing an old slot machine for hours each day in someone’s garage, hoping to hit the jackpot on a machine that won’t pay out no matter what.

Let’s start with the results. He has one unknown credit from 2012, so he’s been acting at least 6 years. His current IMDB pro meter is worse than 3,241,000. I won’t use his full real name as I don’t wish to embarrass him, however, JM, I hope you are reading this. You probably have a true desire to have this career, so let’s learn how to revise your strategies. Let’s first look at the back of the card.

I will transcribe this exactly as it is written on the back of the card. The quote reads:

“Easy going, open minded, non-judgmental, working actor that never gets offended by anything. Non-drinker, non-smoker, non-drug user. Never married or had children. I know my lines and I hit my marks. Have no problem working dark to dark on film projects-you’ll never hear me whine or complain about anything on set! Live in Hermosa Beach, drive a dependable vehicle and have my own income. I also have no irrational business partners, no jealous controlling girlfriend or anyone else to answer to…I was raised as a workaholic and I THRIVE on abuse! If you can use me for your next film project, hit me up via cell, email or Facebook. (If I look the part-I can play it.) Thanks for taking my card!!!”

Where do I begin? Firstly I copied this into google as I’m not trying to get this actor busted for being in the wrong and the second result (there were no matches ) was “signs that someone may have a drug or alcohol problem”). Google you are impressive and so right!

People that tell you they get along with everyone typically don’t. Let’s start there. “Getting along” is something that lives in the head of someone that tries to get along. I’ve had professional acting bookings and I’ve never promoted the fact that I “get along with everyone” despite my impeccable “getting along” record. It wouldn’t occur to me as to me this is a given for anyone (or you’ll find yourselves replaced on set and fast).

There is a part of me that feels sorry for this actor. How is it that since 2012 you haven’t bumped into anyone that could help you go about this business the correct way? If you are studying anywhere, they are taking you (I do have some guesses!). Sadly most acting studios can’t and won’t help you. If you’ve identified that this is your business card, come to Lifebook for a free month. Someone giving you real help is long overdue. I have your name, don’t worry. Your free month is good for the next 365 days. Let’s do this.

On the front of the card, get rid of the quoted name between your first and last name! It makes you already come off as a bit odd and probably a handful. The photo is fine, although your very long hair that looks like a female model’s hair (very Fabio) might make it tough to cast you. Simply put, this is the worst business card for an actor I’ve ever seen. Stop handing it out to anyone! No one should get this card. Any industry that gets it will have a laugh and throw it away. I truly hope no one remembers you from this card.

I’m sure this blog seems harsh, but let’s all relearn the lesson: Only give our business information to those that request it. Have a business card that is just your picture, name, phone number, and perhaps a link. Simple and powerful.

Onward and UP.

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