Allen Levin

On our artistic quest with only one true way to fail (quitting) and only one thing to avoid at all costs (a bad attitude) let’s have a quick look at your intangible and tangible asset lists to which you can add. If you are missing any of the following, add them.

I have / I am:

1. Amazing attitude no matter what happens (particularly important on tough days)
2. Giving
3. Grateful (expressing gratitude before the bookings)
4. Truly happy and loving
5. Healthy and maintaining fitness (great diet in place along with regular exercise)
6. Great to be around. Always an honest smile which brightens people’s day
7. Easy to work with / Great sense of humor / agreeable /
8. Flexible
9. Non-judgmental
10. Great hygiene.
11. Love to rehearse / run lines / act
12. Genuinely interested in others / a great listener (making you a great conversationalist)
13. On time (early) to every appointment
14. Helpful (where appropriate)
15. Talented (Spoiler: We all have talent. Some of us need additional development)
16. Confidence
17. Down to Earth
18. Risk Taker
19. Thoughtful
20. Self Validating (Not needing validation from anyone else)
21. Present
22. Prepared
23. Energetic
24. Love to read / write / memorize (If I don’t love these things I do them regularly anyway)
25. Willing participant (not buried in smart phone, head up, meeting people)
26. Hungry (always wanting to learn and improve)
27. Hard worker (always working smartly first, only hard when necessary)
28. Optimistic
29. Strong / Artistic Integrity (wont flex morals, wont do extra work, stand up to abuse, etc)
30. Well rested

Here is an asset list worth building in the physical world.

I have:

1. Regular income and budget (earn more than I spend and pay attention)
2. Regular acting training
3. Mentor (that isn’t trying to screw you literally, spiritually, emotionally, financially)
4. Excellent group of actors (creative family) and artists in your inner circle
5. Warm place to live. Plenty of sunlight. Safe neighborhood. Only good roommates.
6. Car that is reliable
7. An office with my own desk (only accessed by me), computer, cell phone (#19), printer
8. Business card (handed out only when requested)
9. Excellent head-shots (see above parenthesis)
10. Website / online representation including Actors Access and LA Casting
11. Theatrical and commercial reels (these will build over time)
12. Social networking inclusion and mastery
13. Contact list (industry pros who would enjoy your phone call during a busy day)
14. Flexible job that allows you time off to audition
15. Bank account that is growing
16. Vision board loaded with specific goals and dreams
17. Dreams written out, broken down into sub-goals, broken down in to actionable steps
18. Business plan written out and flexible (open to improvement)
19. SAG-AFTRA membership in good standing (Not in yet? Make it happen, Cap’n!)
20. Excellent smart phone (top of the line, not cracked or damaged) as mobile office
21. At least 3 fellow actors with which you love to rehearse and you do regularly
22. Means of regularly being seen by industry pros (showcases, plays, open mics, etc)
23. A close friend in which you can confide
24. Books / Library of inspiration and information
25. Collection of original writing that is growing
26. Pet (Cat or Dog if possible, if not, something smaller) that I care for impeccably.
27. Pet food without bi-products in the ingredients. Money reserved for pet care.
28. Supportive Partner (no partner is vastly better than the wrong partner) that isn’t an artist
29. Fruits and Vegetables handy and available. Plenty of drinking water.
30. Clean clothes / varied wardrobe that fits the characters I’m called in to play
31. Excellent bed for deep sleep / battery recharge / really good sex
32. Plenty of jokes. (These are the jokes people! Sex jokes. Of course. See #31)

These two asset lists are a place to start. Build on these. Keep track of your assets and of those you still need. This is a progressive journey and it can be built from nothing. Track your progress.

Onward and UP.

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