Allen Levin

I’ve taught for many years that consistent hard work is going to get you places. Do your administration. Do your reading. Do your writing. Rehearsals each day are going to pay off in the long and short run. I’m relearning all sorts of lessons as I write this blog. Each and every day I feel stronger. Each day I feel like writing for 15 minutes isn’t merely something I can do each day, it’s something I can do well.

I like that this blog can be seen by each of you daily. You can see that every single day I do my work. Once I added the daily writing to it (New Years resolution for 2017: begin to write on January 1st and write every day at least 15 minutes) I made a commitment and I’ve never missed a day. Today is 10/29/18. I wrote every day last year and I kept going. I didn’t used to post the writing everyday, but now I do. I believe it’s an important example. I told you I’ll write. I’m writing. It may not be perfect (those of you with the perfection syndrome know what I’m talking about) but it’s going out. Someone will get something out of it (even if the only person is me).

Consistency is going to be one of the absolute most important considerations of your career. If you aren’t creating a routine but are randomly doing some work here and there you won’t get the results you want. My wife told me about a year (or maybe 2?) ago that she wanted to be a table tennis player. I happen to be a former high level player and a coach. So I began coaching her. She plays inconsistently here and there. Is she getting better? Absolutely. Is she going to be a tournament player? As things are now, no. That’s ok. Ultimately she meant to become a tournament player but now she’s into running. Before table tennis she got into photography. Before that it was mountain biking. She does get darn good at these things, but she’ll never be great unless she lands on one and really commits. She’s got to choose something long term if she wants to be exceptional.

I think this is a good example and reminder to all of us. It’s great if you have many varied interests. If you can find happiness doing tons of things well but nothing at a top level, go find your happiness. In terms of acting, if you want to make it a career, it needs to be at a top level. My wife is a nurse, so while the above example using her is a teachable moment, it’s different for you. You are looking at being a pro, she is just interested in these activities and means to be great. It doesn’t matter, however, if she isn’t. For you it matters greatly. If you simply want to explore acting as another activity in your life, great! Professional acting isn’t for everyone. If you want to be a pro you need to treat it like a the career it can be. You need to be consistent in your strategies. You need to employ them all daily.

Be a machine. Hopefully this blog can serve as an example. I’m writing these blogs even when I travel. I have a notebook and pen when I go camping! I’m writing on planes. I’m writing in cars. I’m getting it done every day. Consistency. Every day. No excuses for me. I’m closing in on 2 solid years and that makes me proud and confident. My confidence bleeds into everything I do. I’m more confident as a coach. I’m more confident as an actor. I’m more confident as a person with something to offer this world. Why? Because I can do things every single day. I’ve also read every day without fail (for longer than I’ve written). Consistency.

So: As an actor what should you do daily with great consistency?

Here are your minimums:

1. Administration – 20 minutes
2. Reading – 15 minutes
3. Writing – 15 minutes
4. Rehearsal – 1 hour (in person with another actor)

If you can do this consistently day in and day out, this career will be yours. This dream becomes your reality. You accumulate a great deal of information, knowledge, and experience, over time. Can you commit simply 2 hours each day and get the job done? Can you be consistent? You can.
Build that muscle. Keep score if it helps you to grow. How many consecutive days have you accomplished your routine?

Onward and UP.

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